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Album of the Year, 52nd Grammy Awards

On Sunday, January 31st, the Grammy Awards took place in Los Angeles, CA.  The evening was filled with a lot of surprises and a lot of disappointments, and a lot of outstanding recordings walked away with a trophy.

The winner of Album Of The Year, Taylor Swift's Fearless, was very important to the Nashville recording industry.  The majority of the recording of Fearless took place in Nashville and was worked on by many Nashville recording engineers.

Taylor Swift and Nathan Chapman produced Fearless.  Chad Carlson, Nathan Chapman and Justin Niebank engineered and mixed the record.  Hank Williams of MasterMix handled the mastering portion of the record.

All of the great engineers that were a part of this recording are based here in Nashville.  Hank Williams owns MasterMix, which is a mastering facility located just off Music Row in Nashville.  Nathan Chapman and Chad Carlson do the majority of their recording in various studios in the Nashville area.  Justin Niebank is a popular mix/tracking engineer and an outstanding producer in his own right.  He is a frequent user of John McBride's Blackbird Studio.

This record is a true testament to Nashville and all of the great recording engineers and recording studios that are located here.  In addition to the studio, there are many record labels, publishing companies, artist management companies and touring headquarters in the Nashville area.  Nashville has truly embraced the title of Music City and it will continue to hold that title for many years to come.

Congratulations go out to Taylor, Nathan, Chad, Justin and Hank.

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