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Alberta BMX racers to compete in winter race series thanks to the AICC

Indoor BMX racing in Alberta happens here!
Indoor BMX racing in Alberta happens here!
Alberta Indoor Cycling Center

Operating for the winter season since late October of 2012, the Alberta Indoor Cycling center has offered Alberta area BMX racers the opportunity to ride throughout the 2012/13 winter. The AICC BMX racing track is a temporary fixture housed within a domed structure in Olds known as the MegaDome. Olds is a small town found in central Alberta. Each summer the facility is used for agricultural events, but once the snow flies it is transformed into an indoor BMX racing facility.

A three race series has been offered up by the AICC. The race dates will be February 2, March 16, and April 6. Entry fee is $30 per rider regardless of class, age, or ability level. Race time will be 11 am. For more information, check out the race series poster online.

Further details, practice schedules, registration methods for the series and so forth will be available on the AICC Facebook page or on the Alberta BMX webpage.

The Alberta Indoor Cycling Center is open weekends, usually from 11 am to 4 pm, providing road and weather conditions are reasonable. There is a nine race "district" series at the indoor cycling center which compliments the training sessions and open track hours. This schedule can also be found on the Alberta BMX webpage.

If you want to race on the track, a valid 2013 Alberta Bicycle BMX racing license is required. A drop-in fee of $20 a weekend is also an option for those that do not hold a valid license and wish to ride during open track times.