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Albert OH releases designer rock cell phone cases on 711 Code

"It's about creating culture more than anything else." Those are the famous words by the wireless industry’s newest and most electrifying designers.

Albert OH Launch at CES
Xentris Wireless

Hailing from the electrifying city of Madrid, Spain, Albert "OH" Ochosa a.k.a. Mr. Nice Guy is a hands-on Graphic Designer, Musician and Philanthropist - with over 10 years within the music, technology, nightlife and high-end consumer branding industries.

He released his newly designed cellphone case line on 711 Code yesterday with a strong vision to change the way consumers view the way they buy the coveted accessory to their phone. We find that it is a perfect time to discuss fashion accessories with New York Fashion Week wrapping up this week.

Each one of his pieces has their own name and was inspired by his travel around the world and most importantly, music. He views the project as a statement piece of fashion that you can take with you based on your mood, or your personality. There is a lot of time that has been invested in to these cases; Albert OH attributes his primary inspiration as a cultural perspective and creates cases as a ‘love letter’ to the different people he has met in different cities throughout the world.

He attributes his primary influence from Danny ‘Count’ Koker, working on his visuals from custom choppers and cars. Not only does the customs culture influence his cases, but his ability to understand what the consumer wants and needs plays in to his innovative artistic vision.

He has thought about doing different themes, including a Steam Pop culture. Creating a design around popular architectural designs. He believes that fashion follows architecture.

Albert OH wishes to create a lifestyle brand experience for the customer that is focused around music and design; the phone is only secondary. He states, “If you look at musical instrument cases, they not only protect the instrument, but they usually have this beautiful design that gives you that whole perspective. My rationale with these phone cases was focused around the same concept.” The Albert OH cases have a complete design unlike their competitors. He reiterates that these cases truly are a fashion accessory, and even in the music world, musicians love to customize their products and strive to have something a little different that gives details in to their personal preference.

He is a humble businessman with an impressive background. He has been contracted by many well-known artists and companies for his design and vision. He also has a strong background in philanthropy and has hopes to give back as much as he can. His focus is about empowering people to make a difference; he uses his story to encourage the story of the underdog. He recently created a campaign for a friend who was struggling with cancer where he reached out to different artists who were asked to contribute memorabilia for a silent auction to raise money for his hospital bills. He attributes this to being one of the most amazing things he has ever experienced. Albert OH is the kind of man who claims he would do that for anyone; stating “let’s use Rock n’ Roll to save a life…”

Being so musically oriented, Albert OH chose Depeche Mode as his biggest musical inspiration. He mentioned, Anton Corbijn, the musical director for the group as the one who was the first to introduce him to the importance of layers in music and taught him that there are layers in all kinds of art forms.

We look forward to seeing more from this inspiring artist, but in the meantime, check out his cases at 711 Code.

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