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Albany changes the date and the rules for the BSL ordinance

Advocates are no longer allowed to speak unless the commission decides it is ok!
Advocates are no longer allowed to speak unless the commission decides it is ok!

I published a story yesterday calling on advocates to attend the city commission meeting in Albany Georgia on the 25th to speak out against breed specific legislation. It seems they have not only changed the date of the meeting, but also, according to Deborah Brown in the city manager’s office, they are not accepting speaker applications as the agenda is set. So none of us will be heard unless they decide to give us time.

We must show up together and let them know we will not let them punish our beloved breed because of irresponsible owners.

Please click for information on whom to contact. Below are a list of questions I submitted to Manager Taylor’s office. As of yet I have no response but will let you know if I do.

1) What prompted this move initially?

2)What would you say to responsible owners like myself that would lose their dogs because if even obtainable the insurance would clearly be out of my range of affordability as would be the enclosure.?

3) Why was the public initially told that their comments would be heard on the 25th but now has been moved to the 4th, with your assistant Deborah Brown saying no speaker applications will be accepted, effectively cutting off anyone with knowledge on this issue from having input?

4) Have you considered being proactive instead of punitive like Macon with a mandatory spay/neuter program?

For now all we can do is continue to organize and let them know politely but firmly we, as responsible dog owners will be not let our dogs be killed because of those who would choose to be irresponsible with them. It used to be German Shepard’s, then Rottweiler’s and Dobermans, and now they are coming for our beloved, loyal pits. We will stand united.

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