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Albania fears Al Qaeda attack.

As the new government of Edi Rama came to power in Albania, it realized that one of the greatest challenges it inhered from the Berisha government is Albanians joining Al Qaeda.

"The recent arrests of eight people on charges of recruiting militants to fight in Syria has put the Albanian security forces on alert that Al Qaeda my strike back to avenge the arrests of its members," reads the Notice of Alert sent to all Albanian police forces late last night.

According to the International Center for the Study of Radicalization, a think tank based in London’s King's College. some 300 Albanian fighters have joined the militant groups Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham, or ISIS. But the Albanian authorities, dispute this number, arguing that most of the fighters in question are Kosovars and Albanians from Macedonia.

A few days ago, the Albanian Security Agency known as SHISH reviled that the following Albanians have been confirmed to have traveled to Syria: Isa (Pëllumb) Nergjoni (Fetar–Jahja), Denis Shimili, Medat Hasani, Dritan Kosturi, Çlirim Hate Kuqo, Ylli Kujtim Bregu, Eduart Muharrem Dursi, Leonard Përleka, Amiraldo Zdrava (Abdullah), Kujtim Zeqir Tafa (Ebu Hatixhe), Zeqir Imeri, (Zekeria), Edmond Balla, Erzen Gashi, Kujtim Tota, Armand Morina (Mahmud), Zyber Gurra, Dionis Qevani (Abdulla), Edmond Suparaku (Ebu Bekër), Leart Salaj, Ledio Mehmeti, Gramoz Çengeli, Gezim Ruçi, Jetnor Hasa, Asrimuhammed Tahiri, Enes Miska, Edmond Osmaj, Gerti Pashja (Ebu Muxhahid or Muhamed), Almir Daci (Ebu Belkisa from Pogradeci) with his wifeArjan Kallanxhiu, Orges Merko (Zeyd Al Albani), Ervis Saliasi, Festim Kullaj, Ermal Doçi, Bledar Veshti, Mustafa Kuçi, Artur Koçollari, Besmir Cake, Mariglen Dervishllari, Shpresim Gjoka, Arber Zani, Mehdi Manallari, Erdet Korro (Deti), Dorian Kuqo, Ervin Duka, Shpetim Shkoza, Shkëlzen Dumani with his two kids, Sherif Taushani, with his wife and 3 kids, Erjon Basha, with his wife and 2 kids, Krenar Shuli, with his wife and 2 kids, Shyqyri Kaca, with his wife and 3 kids, Ervin Hasanaj (Ebu Ahmed), with his wife and 2 kids, Artur Korra,Enes Cami, Ilirjan Gjongecaj, Eduard Dursi, Altin Demirlika, Alimira Kastrati with 2 kids, and Mehmet Stafasani, with his wife and 5 kids. Further, SHISH confirmed that the following Albanians Anri Maliqaj, Ermal Xhelo, Denis Jangulli, Hamit Muslija, Hasan Korvafaj, Diamant Rasha (Ebu Amar), and Bledian Hamza (Ebu Samed), lost their lives fighting in Syria

Police in Albania have have alleged that these Albanian are being recruited by imams in the Albanian Mosques to go and fight in Syrian in an effort to help their “Muslims brothers.”

Acting upon these concerns, Albanian SHISH and police have arrested eight people, included two radical imams, Genci Balla and Bujar Hysi, believed to be the spiritual leaders of an extremist Islamist group.

They’re suspected of recruiting dozens of militants for Al Qaeda-affiliated groups fighting in the Syrian civil war. The authorities also issued international arrest warrants for five more suspects believed to be fighting in Syria.
Observers say radical Islamic groups have operated here for decades, living mainly on the fringes of society, using websites and social networks such as YouTube and Facebook to spread radical propaganda.

Edval Zoto, a Tirana-based counter-terrorism expert, says the deaths of Albanian citizens fighting in Syria put the security services on alert.

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