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Alastair Humphreys latest book "Microadventures" Inspires Us to Live a Full Life

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He does not live a life chained to the confines of a desk within the monotony of corporate life, nor does he commute to work through the concrete jungle or wear a tie. He is adventurer, motivational speaker, author and inspirational explorer Alastair Humphreys who has just completed his sixth book entitled, “Microadventures” which is the inspirational tale of how to seize an opportunity to really live in the outdoors and enjoy every second of what nature and the great outdoors has to offer you.

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Many of us could use this experience to learn much about ourselves, to explore, to wander and to learn about this great world in which some of us do not get to see much of accept from a car window. “Microadventures” talks of what small leaps and bounds we can engage in. Small trips that are not so expensive and are closer to home some are only weekend trips that can change your life and open your eyes to a world that you may have never noticed before.

Alastair has spent a lifetime exploring the world with such trips as cycling the world in four years, walking across the great and beautiful country of India, Rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, Canoeing the Yukon and crossing Iceland to name a few of his journeys. Some of the books he has written include; “Moods of Future Joys”, “The Boy who biked The World”, “There are Other Rivers”, “Ten lessons from the Road” and “Thunder and Sunshine”. He also made a film called “Into the Empty Quarter”.

You may contact Alastair for advice on how to plan any kind of expedition. His information is on his blog site. He is available for interviews, consultations and speaking engagements. You may also email him just to say hello. He was chosen as one of National Geographic’s explorers of the year in 2012. He lives in London and donates to the charity Hope and Homes for Children. Check out his blog for some of the stunning photographs he has of all the places he has traveled.

His books are also available on amazon, and of course you may check them out on his blog for previews and extraordinary well written reviews. He sets a fine example of a different kind of lifestyle.