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Alaska Native and Native American Voters Time for a Change

Native Voting Counts
Native Voting Counts

Alaska Native and Native American Voters Time for a Change


Terrance H. Booth, Sr. - Neesh Wil Gum - Tsimshian

The main reason why Alaska Native and Native American Voters should turn out to vote is primarily look at the Republican Sequestration budget and its flagrant impact upon Alaska Native and Native American Programs.

Looking at our Native Youth: “Native American youth are the most at-risk population in the United States and the impact of sequestration is going to put these 2.1 million Native American young people at even greater risk. Native American youth, who too often grow up in communities that face high rates of poverty and unemployment, health problems, alcohol and substance abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, and crime, will experience a new host of challenges due to the cuts in funding for critical federal programs that they rely on.” 1

“Sequestration cuts to education, mental health services, public safety, and juvenile justice – just to name a few areas – will have a devastating impact on Native American youth. For example, schools serving Native American students have already been forced to lay off teachers, understaffed health care clinics are losing providers, and child welfare departments are seeing cuts when caseloads are already at 80 to 100 per worker. Below are examples of programmatic funding being cut and the amount of decreased funding due to sequestration for the remainder of fiscal year 2013:
 Indian Health Service ~ $220 million
 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration ~ $168 million
Administration for Children and Families
 Child Care and Development Block Grants (Tribes) ~ $2.4 million
 Impact Aid (public schools serving tribal communities) ~ $60 million
 Office of Indian Student Education ~$7 million
 Bureau of Indian Education ~ $42.2 million
 Indian Head Start ~ $11.9 million
 Native American & Native Hawaiian Housing Block Grants ~ $34 million
Child Welfare
 Bureau of Indian Affairs Human Services ~ $7.2 million”2
Sequestration has take its toll upon Alaska Native and Native American Programs: “Tribes would lose almost $130 million in funding from the Department of the Interior. Reductions would be necessary in many areas including human services, law enforcement, schools, economic development and natural resources. .3
Congress appropriates funding for Alaska Native and Native American Programs and we the people elect the US Senate and the US House of Representatives and you the Native Voters see that they not listening to the will of the people that have entrusted them to be of service to their constituents and one can readily see they are listening to those that supported them financially to get elected and have done nothing for the people. Time to change the elected who hurt all poor people.


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