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Alaska avalanche renders town isolated entity: 2 arrested for ignoring warning

Alaska avalanche cuts off entire town from rest of the world.
Alaska avalanche cuts off entire town from rest of the world.
Alaska Pipeline Service Company

An Alaska avalanche has cut off an entire town from the rest of the world, leaving no way in and out of the area as tons of snow and ice cover their only access roads to the outside world. This could stay this way for more than a week, report Alaskan officials on Monday, Jan. 27.

According to USA Today, the snow slides hit the Lowe River in Keystone Canyon, which caused a flood on top of the Richardson Highway. Valdez has only one roadway in and out for the 4,100 folks that live in the city and it will probably be closed for at least a week. This city marks the last stop on the Trans-Alaskan pipeline and along with the flooded highway, snow covering the pass needs to be cleared.

Crews are bringing down the rest of the snow from the avalanche area using explosives. This is part of stabilizing the area. This process was delayed on Saturday as two people walking into the area where the explosives were being used, refused to listen to the orders to stop.

The crew had to wait until the two cleared the area before they could resume taking down the potentially hazardous snow and ice in a contained avalanche using the explosives.

The two who refused to stop were arrested as they walked into town, so that was a high price to pay for a walk! The snow needs to come down to make the area safe before the highway workers can clear the highway. These two people delayed the progress by not staying out of the danger zone.