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Alanna Gallagher's killer gets life in prison

Alanna Gallagher was murdered by a 17-year-old neighbor.
Facebook photo provided to the media for use; Alanna Gallagher, age 6.

Justice has finally been served for six-year-old Alanna Gallagher -- who was raped and murdered over a year ago. Her killer has been sentenced to life in prison, plus an additional 40 years for his attempted murder of a police officer last year when he was initially arrested. The Daily Mail shared this news on Thursday night, at a time when two other similar cases are still fresh in media headlines. Like the recent slaying of Jenise Wright, last year's murder of little Alanna rocked the mainstream media across the nation, especially when the suspect was revealed to be none other than a 17-year-old neighbor.

Tyler Holder, 17, reportedly lured the child into his home where he sexually tortured her before strangling her to death with his belt and some plastic bags. He then disposed of her body in a truly disturbing way: He dumped her in the middle of a busy neighborhood covering her partially nude body with nothing but a tarp. Not long after brutalizing and murdering the child, he went on to harass and torment the child's family while the search for her killer focused around the area. He vandalized their property, setting fire to their car in a move that brought even more fear and anguish in their lives. There is no doubt that Holder is and was a total monster -- and he was addressed as such in court this week when he was convicted and sentenced.

Alanna's mother said the following to him directly in court:

"It does not bring her back to us. No matter how much suffering you undergo in prison, it won't be as much as all the people who knew and loved Alanna have been, and will continue to be suffering."

Tyler Holder will never be able to hurt another child again, now that he's been sentenced to life in prison (plus time for attempting to kill the cop that was going to initially arrest him). That's one small victory for children, but it's far from the impact needed to put a stop to criminals like him. This summer a young child named Jenise Wright was victim to a similar crime, with similar circumstances -- and just this past week another young child named Isabella Grogan-Cannella was killed by someone known to her family.

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