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Alan Keyes: Officials who ruled out terrorism lying, Obama must be impeached

Alan Keyes
Alan Keyes
Mike Mulholland

Alan Keyes, the G.O.P.'s 2004 Illinois Senate candidate who lost to Barack Obama and has seemingly spent every waking minute of his life since trying to get revenge on him for it, has written an April 4, 2014 column for WorldNetDaily in which he (yes, you guessed it) calls for Obama's impeachment.

According to Keyes, various military officials who ruled out terrorism as a motivation for the recent shooting at Fort Hood must be lying.

The stories report that "officials" are saying that there was no indication that the second shooting spree at Fort Hood was terrorism-related. They say that "Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, III Corps commander at Fort Hood, said the shooter was a soldier who was under evaluation for post-traumatic stress disorder." They say that "the shooter, identified as 34-year old Ivan Lopez, is among the dead."

So they say. But these days what brain-functional person believes what officials, even those in high positions of responsibility, say about events like this. Just yesterday, April 2, I was reading about Michael Morell, a former deputy director at the CIA, who told the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence "that the CIA ignored a key piece of information that was the exact opposite of what then-U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice told the American public" about the attack on U.S. personnel in Benghazi that took the life of the U.S. ambassador to Libya, among others.

Even though Keyes has literally nothing but his usual hunch to act as evidence, he once again has no problem screaming his head off that Obama must be impeached immediately.

I see only one movement under way that rejects the vocationally political culture that now predominates in both so-called "major" political parties. It is the congregation of those who have pledged to use their vote to energize the political will needed to impeach and remove Obama from power, by constitutional means, along with his henchmen and collaborators,. Have you informed yourself about this movement? Have you signed on? Or are you content simply to cooperate with the twin-party sham, thereby proving that Americans, too, have now "lost our strength, our pride, our passion" for truth, justice and the liberty of our republic?

The answer has not changed since the last 100+ times Alan Keyes kicked and screamed for impeachment: A resounding no. Normal people do not spend an entire decade trying to ruin the last person who crossed them and demanding everyone else to help them do it.

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