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Alan Keyes calls on Jesus Christ to help him impeach Obama

Alan Keyes
Alan Keyes
Mike Mulholland

Ever since the 2004 senatorial election, Alan Keyes has devoted himself entirely to hating Barack Obama and trying to undermine him as much as possible.

This has included challenges to his birth certificate and the oath of office, peddling conspiracy theories, and of course, calling nonstop for his impeachment, most recently calling on Americans to elect an entire 2014 congress based on the one single issue of trying to impeach Obama and remove him from office.

Apparently, Keyes has had a difficult time trying to get anyone beyond the usual anarchists, fascists and psychopaths to support his effort.

Nothing else could explain why, in a column at (where else?) WorldNetDaily, Keyes, after the usual rantings and ravings about how Obama is a "hardcore socialist" who, "as gangsters typically do, they encourage whatever vices they can manipulate" and has "worked to disparage, undermine and discard the U.S. Constitution," Keyes calls on Jesus Christ to aide in his impeachment efforts.

"Many Americans are still adamantly unwilling to choke down the prospect of life under a vicious, dictatorial regime," Keyes insists. "Their eyes see past the populist disguise of socialist gangsterism. Some have (I think prematurely) concluded that America’s liberty is irretrievable defunct. But even they have by no means surrendered their allegiance to it.

"Others, particularly those who believe in Jesus Christ’s permanent resurrection of hope, look unflinchingly into the abyss, sure that if they remember and trust in God's law of love and mercy, He has the power to restore their nation to the better path of human destiny. It is especially (though not exclusively) among such people that the movement to impeach and remove Obama and his cronies from office arises."

The closest thing to a hint of truth in this statement is that most Americans would oppose a dictatorial regime.

This is precisely why Keyes has always failed to win election.

The last thing America needs is another politician holding office who thinks God is his own personal flunky that he can command to smite anyone who crosses him.

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