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Alamo Drafthouse Gets Second Dallas Location

Alamo Drafthouse logo
Alamo Drafthouse logo
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

It was big news last summer when the popular Alamo Drafthouse opened the doors on it's first DFW location. The theater chain, which is based out of Austin, has started to open its doors in other states and other places around Texas. On Monday, the Drafthouse announced that the Richardson location that was opened last August will be joined by a new Dallas location in 2015. This new theatre will be located in the heart of Dallas on Cedars and South Lamar , where an entire new retail development is also being planned.

The Alamo Drafthouse is well known for bringing movies, food, and beer all under the same roof for patrons to enjoy. The company prides itself on showcasing local breweries, as well as local food products when the opportunity arises. For example, the Richardson location uses Dude's Sweet Firefly ice cream in all of their desserts. The chain is also known for making their own unique pre-shows, showing classic and independent films, and its very strict no talking/no texting policy.

The new cinema will be two stories, unlike the single story Richardson location. The famous Glass Half Full Bar will be located on the second level of the building. The new Alamo Drafthouse will feature eight screens and have right under 1,000 seats. Each screen will have a digital projector, but select screens will also house 35MM projectors, something the Alamo is widely known for bringing back for film lovers.