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Alabama teen's murder plot: 'Topdog' aunt's fake Facebook profile uncovers plot

Alabama teen's murder plot: 'Topdog' aunt's fake Facebook profile uncovers plot
Alabama teen's murder plot: 'Topdog' aunt's fake Facebook profile uncovers plot
Wikimedia Commons / Facebook

An Alabama teen, caught in a murder-for-hire plot, thought she was talking to “Tre ‘Topdog’ Ellis,” a new friend she made on Facebook. In actuality, the troubled teen, 19-year-old Marissa Williams, was corresponding with her aunt’s fictional online persona, and what the aunt saw shocked her – Marissa was offering sex in exchange for paying her cell phone bill, and then went quite a bit further with this: Murder for hire.

According to the NY Daily News, who also carried Williams’ booking photo, the teen told “Topdog” that she hated Alabama and wanted him to kill her aunt, her aunt’s fiancé, her cousin and even the family dog. She also offered “Topdog” a romp in the sack if he would just fork over $50 bucks for her phone bill.

Authorities in Tuscaloosa have now placed Williams under arrest and have charged her with solicitation of murder. She is currently behind bars at the Tuscaloosa County jail on a $30,000 bond.


Williams had been living with her aunt in Fosters since April and their relationship had become strained because Williams would invite strangers she met online to the house, court records show. When her aunt asked her to stop doing that, Williams blocked her aunt from seeing her activity on Facebook.

So the aunt went undercover and created the fake Facebook profile so she could see what her disturbed niece was up to. She also wanted to “teach Williams a lesson” about the danger of online friendships. However, once Williams put the aunt, her fiancé, her daughter and the family pet in jeopardy, police were called and Williams was hauled off to jail.

According to, on the “first day they interacted online, she gave the fictional boy her phone number and home address and asked him to come over and get drunk with her.”

According to the documented Facebook conversations, the twisted plot was quite sinister in its detail – Williams described how “Tre” should sneak into the aunt’s bedroom first in order to shoot her and her fiancé, and then turn the gun on Williams' cousin before taking out the dog as he left. Williams then planned to run away with Tre.

Lesson learned? Let's hope so.

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