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Alabama teen murder Topdog aunt: Teen hires Facebook man to kill aunt, it's her

An Alabama teen murder case involving Tre “Topdog” Ellis — a man on Facebook who worked as an alleged killer for hire — went horribly wrong for the 19-year-old after this “Topdog” in fact turned out to be the very same aunt the teen was trying to kill in disguise. Marissa Williams only discovered after police arrived at her house that the fake profile on Facebook belonging to Tre Ellis was in fact her aunt’s. News Max provides the latest information regarding the unbelievable story this Thursday, June 12, 2014.

Alabama teen murder case gets worse on Facebook
Wikimedia Commons, Flickr

Although a teen going online to a social media site like Facebook in order to hire someone to kill her aunt is horrible in itself, the greatest twist in this appalling case is that Tre “Topdog” was actually the very same aunt behind the computer screen. Soon afterwards, 19-year-old Marissa Williams discovered that the man for hire was no true killer, but just a secret alias that the aunt created in order to surreptitiously follow her niece’s whereabouts on the Web.

The identity of the aunt has not been revealed, but the police crime report does reveal that Williams was living in the same residence as her aunt when she tried hiring a man on Facebook to kill her and … “get rid of her.” It seems the suspicious family member created the fake Facebook profile in this Alabama teen murder “Topdog” incident after the 19-year-old girl was inviting a number of strangers to the aunt’s house.

The aunt told her a number of times to stop bringing people over, but Williams allegedly refused, says the Washington Post. In order to make sure that her parents couldn’t interfere with her online social life as well, the Alabama teen blocked her aunt and other family relatives from her Facebook account so all activity would be marked as private.

In response to this act, the clever aunt created a false account of a man who called himself Tre “Topdog” Ellis. As cited in the crime court files, Marissa Williams wanted the man to come over to her house. The teen in one message promised this online “man” that she would drink with him and even have sex as long as he would pay her smartphone bill.

Shortly afterwards, Williams confided in Tre “Topdog” that she was sick of her aunt and the rest of her family. She begged him to kidnap her from the Alabama home and take her far away, adding that she wanted the “hire” to shoot and kill the aunt if she attempted to stop them. Finally, the issue came to a head with the girl asking Ellis to simply come over and shoot her aunt as well as the woman’s fiancé. After reading the murderous Facebook posts on “Topdog’s” fake account, the aunt immediately went to the police.

While 19-year-old Marissa Williams confessed, she said in her defense that she didn’t really want him to kill her aunt, despite what her messages may have said. Williams is currently held on a $30,000 bond on the charge of murder solicitation.

“Potentially they were in a lot of danger if in fact she had communicated with a real person and someone had accepted to do this,” said one spokesperson for a Criminal Records Division.

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