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Alabama stirs controversy with refusal to let Justin Knox transfer to UAB

UAB Blazers / Alabama Crimson Tide
UAB Blazers / Alabama Crimson Tide
University of Alabama at Birmingham / University of Alabama


  • Bartholemew Terrence 6 years ago

    "According to those in Tuscaloosa, the system has an agreement in place that prevents players from transferring from one school to another in the system."

    I've seen the quote from Knox's uncle that says they were told such a rule existed, but I haven't seen any such indication from those in Tuscaloosa. Could you link me to that?

  • Glenn 6 years ago

    Well, that Bites!

  • RON 6 years ago

    The real issue here is that ALABAMA continues to engage in RESTRAINT OF TRADE. ALABAMA (SEC) AND ESPN CONTROL the newspapers, radio talk, television sports,and who (how and when) participates. An occasional crumb is given to the NON-BCS schools because of REAL FEAR of the Mountain West Conference and some in Congress. In SEC country, no media will speak out because of possible job retaliation. The bully gets his way. CLEARLY, by its actions ALABAMA FEARS UAB. I attended the University of Alabama for one year and have no connection to/with UAB. The current relationship between UAB and UA is unacceptable and the UA's/UAB's BOARD'S hostility to UAB is done openly(I could list mutiple examples). It is my view, as an elderly man that UAB SHOULD DEMAND RESPECT FROM THOSE WHO INSULT THE INSTITUTION because it is the right thing to do. If there limited ethics in business or sports how can you expect young people to understand/recognize ethics and the concept of right and wrong.

  • Tony 6 years ago

    Hey Zach
    If Bama played UAB it would at least be something new and different. Win or lose, it would sell tickets and maybe bring in new fans. You are doing a good job and I think you will do good at whatever you put your mind to.
    It won't be too long before Nick Saban replaces Coach Stallings on the Seymore Trucks commercials.
    Go Blazers.

  • Bartholemew Terrence 5 years ago


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