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Alabama Sheriffs missing at the helm

Where was the Sheriff?
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The office of the Sheriff can be traced back to King Alfred the Great (871 AD). In order to strengthen and unify his kingdom; he devised the "shire". The Shire was the origin of the modern day County. Each Shire was run by a "Reeve" or chief. The Shire-reef's (origin of the modern day Sheriff) responsibility was to maintain law and order. The Office of Sheriff was mentioned nine times in the Magna Carta.

William Stone became the first sworn Sheriff in the Accomac Shire in the Virginia Colony in 1634. A 1651 proclamation made the office and elected one. William Waters of Northhampton County, Virginia became the first elected Sheriff.

The Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer in the county and works for the people. Police chiefs are simply hired employees who wear a badge. They answer to the mayor, city council, and city manager. Sheriffs therefore are the last peaceful line of defense against tyranny.

They as elected officials carry out there duty in accordance to their oaths of office. It is because of this that the Office of Sheriff is being undermined and usurped by the federal government.This surrender of authority often takes place when Sheriffs accept federal grants which like a fishing lure comes with a hook attached.

The Sheriff has no superior in his county nor is he/she bound by statutes which contradict the Constitution or Common Law. He or she is answerable to the people alone. No federal power has authority over them unless they allow it. Far too many are surrendering their authority and placing the citizens under their care in jeopardy as we have seen at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada.

The Sheriff is supposed to be a different breed of peace officer. Police chiefs can be hired and fired by city managers (bureaucrats without your best interest at heart). The Sheriff is the first man over the county. He is to be the peoples most trusted representative. We should feel our rights are secure with him in office. Sadly many Alabama Sheriffs have become mere politicians and have placed your rights on the chopping block for financial gain. It is these that must be replaced with Constitutionally minded patriots.

There are many running against incumbents who have actively campaigned to hamper the exercise of your rights. One such candidate is Chambers County's own Jimmy Allen. He was born and raised in Chambers County and attended Lafayette High School and graduated from Hallie turner in Opelika.

Jimmy began working for Avondale Mills in Lafayette at the age of 16. He later became a shift supervisor for West Point Pepperell. He was the owner/operator of Valley Glass, Inc for 10 years. He currently operates C&C Computer Repair.

Jimmy served as a reserve deputy with the Chambers County Sheriffs Office for four years. He has served as a volunteer fire fighter for about fifteen years. He serves as the current president of the Lakeview Volunteer Fire Department. A history of service to his community is Jimmy Allen's trademark.

He has been in the trenches fighting for Constitutional rights in Alabama. He has been endorsed by the Second Amendment group BamaCarry for his defense of the right to keep and bear arms. He has went toe to toe with the Valley (AL) City Council and our state legislators in Montgomery. He is the example of the kind of person we need in the Office of Sheriff in Alabama.

Jimmy Allen is a member of the following organizations:

  • National Rifle Association
  • BamaCarry
  • Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA)
  • Chambers County Coordinator for Alabama Oath Keepers
  • CEO of the Chambers County Gun Club, Inc

Jimmy Allen wants to stand up for the citizens of Chambers County as their Constitutional Guardian. He wants to ensure their rights, freedoms, and liberties are not violated. Chambers County as well as every other Alabama county needs such men in office.

Others running for the Office of Sheriff in Alabama are:

Most Alabama Sheriffs showed their true colors in opposing S.B. 286 last year and S.B. 354. It is time we the people of Alabama give them their just reward for working against the rights of the people...a pink slip come election time. We can make a difference.


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The time to make a change is now. We must ignite brush-fires of the mind in our fellow citizens and be the change Alabama needs. We can and we must make a difference. What say you Alabama; will you answer the call and put men and women in office that will remember who they work!

Remember to get out and vote this election year. It is your right and duty as a citizen of the Great State of Alabama. If you don't vote you have no one to blame but yourself.

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