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Alabama School of Fine Arts video in running to win $30,000 in Techology

Alabama has a very prestigious school in Birmingham, the Alabama School of Fine Arts affectionately known as ASFA.

ASFA describes itself as "a diverse community of explorers, is to nurture impassioned students by guiding and inspiring them to discover and fulfill their individual creative abilities in an atmosphere distinguished by the fusion of fact and feeling, risk and reward, art and science, school and society."  With focus on Creative Writing, Dance, Mathematics and Science, Music, Theatre Arts and Visual Arts, ASFA is Alabama’s very own "Fame" school.

The students are a select group of gifted and talented individuals that are given the tools and training needed to not only earn a High School diploma, but to further their abilities in performance arts. Sometimes this involves projects.  One project a group of these students selected was to help the school win $ 30,000 in technology equipment. 

Under the leadership of student Stewart Quarles, they worked together to create a music video highlighting technology in the ASFA classroom. With the support of the Technology Committee Stewart, Zachary Crowder, Casey Weldon, Jeronne Ansari, and Brad Fancher wrote, directed, and produced a music video that was submitted to the eInstruction Classroom Makeover Video Contest.

The kids just found out their  video has made the top five finalists, chosen from hundreds of great entries. There is a lot on the line for the school, and although there is a panel of prestigious judges for this, public votes count.

The kids would love for you to view their video at  Their video is titled: "TECH Report Dot Com" and give it a vote. Voting ends on December 4th, so please don't delay.

This author wishes them the best of luck and have cast my vote for them.  But no matter what, I am still very proud of Alabama's little school of 'Fame'

Their School motto is "Don't wish upon a star, Become one"

 Well, kids, you are all stars. Good job.

MORE INFO: ASFA website , eimakeover contest


  • Luann Dawkins 5 years ago

    Great article about a great school!! I will forward this to everyone in my e-mail and post on my Facebook to get as many votes as possible!