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Alabama's unemployment rate is growing faster than the rest of the U.S.


AP: State unemployment rates are released today. 

Today the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its report on the regional and states unemployment rates. The U.S. unemployment rate grew to 9.8 percent in September, up 0.1 percentage point from August and 3.6 percentage points from September of last year.

The states with the highest increases in unemployment rates were Michigan, with an increase of  6.4 percentage points, Nevada, with an increase of 6 percentage points, and Alabama, which increase 5.3 percentage points. The smallest increase in unemployment since this time last year was North Dakota, with just a 0.9 percentage point increase.

In terms of employment levels, Michigan and Arizona lost the biggest percentage of jobs, at 7.5 percent. Nevada and Oregon lost the second highest percentage of jobs, at 6.1 percent. Georgia was a close third, at a 6.0 percent decrease in jobs. These areas areas have been particularly hard hit by job losses in the manufacturing, real estate, and banking industries.

Although other areas of the economy, such as consumer spending, personal income, and GDP growth, are starting to show signs of improvement, the unemployment rate has been slow to respond to the recovery efforts. Businesses remain reluctant to increase their hiring efforts until they can be sure that the increased economic activity is here to stay.

States with the highest unemployment rates Unemployment rates
Michigan 15.3
Nevada 13.3
Rhode Island 13.0
California 12.2
States with the largest increases in unemployment rates this year Increase in percentage points
Michigan 6.4
Nevada 6.0
Alabama 5.3
States with largest drop in jobs Percent drop in jobs
Michigan 7.5
Arizona 7.5
Oregon 6.1
Nevada 6.1
Georgia 6.0

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  • john doe 5 years ago

    I live in Alabama and their unemployment offices are a big joke they have you wait 4 months before you hear anything then they give you partial information(never is upfront about anything) then you get the run around, I will pay pal $100 no $200 to any ones account, who can get an answer or get thru to on any one of the phone lines its like they sit in the office with the phone off the hook all day I waited for like two hours with my phone on speaker waiting on someone to answer and still got no answer its crazy. o yea the pay pal deal is still on any takers. I guarantee you wont get thru

  • Bethany Mullin 5 years ago

    I am so sorry to hear about your frustration with the unemployment office. It sounds rough. This is the highest unemployment we have had in over 20 years, so they are probably swamped with people needing assistance. Keep trying. Good luck, and hang in there.