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Alabama's Tim Tebow Bill

Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow


  • Denise 6 years ago

    Craig and Brenda Dickinson in Tallahassee were responsible for getting this legislation passed in Florida. Craig Dickinson passed away a few years later but his wife Brenda continues to fight for home educators rights in Florida.

  • Jerry 6 years ago

    Either allow home schooled children to participate in public school activities or give their parents a waiver from paying any taxes for education.

    I know, people without children or people with children either too old or too young to attend public school have to pay taxes for education. The difference is, they are not being denied any public services available to others.

  • morgan 6 years ago

    hows this going on in alabama im going in to eighth grade and im going to be homeschooled and i play for y highschool soccer team and i dont want to quit

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