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Alabama neurosurgeon trudges 6 miles through snow to perform brain surgery

We've heard much about the rare snowstorm that hit the southern United States and the mass complications that ensued, but one surgeon in Alabama made the best of a bad situation and saved a life in the process this week.

According to Fox News on Saturday, Dr. Zenko Hrynkiw was on his way from Brookwood Medical Center in Birmingham, Ala. to Trinity Medical Center six miles away when he became stuck in the throng of traffic sidelined due to the weather after just a few blocks.

Hrynkiw, 62, is the only brain surgeon at Trinity and says the patient requiring surgery had only a 10% chance of living without it. The dire situation prompted the surgeon to get out of his car and hoof it the rest of the distance to Trinity through the cold and snow, all while wearing his scrubs. Upon finally arriving at the hospital, Hrynkiw briefly spoke with the patient's family and went straight into surgery.

Despite what most would call an impressive feat, Hrynkiw downplayed the whole thing, saying it "really wasn’t that big of a deal." The surgeon also called it "kind of a fun journey."

Police were reportedly notified of Hrynkiw's adventure by a charge nurse at Trinity but did not make contact until much later. Fox adds that the surgery was successful and the patient is said to be doing well, thanks to Hrynkiw's quick thinking.

"This just speaks volumes to the dedication of the man," charge nurse Steve Davis said. "When I saw him, all I could say was 'you are a good man.'"

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