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Alabama couple charged with animal cruelty for hanging puppy from ceiling

The puppy named Timmy is recovering from his ordeal.
The puppy named Timmy is recovering from his ordeal.
Dallas County District Attorney's Office

In Valley Grande, the Fourth Judicial Circuit District Attorney, Michael Jackson, released photographs on Monday Caroline Dunnam and Andrew Parrish posted on Facebook of a young black puppy hanging from a rope dangling from the ceiling of their home reports

In an egregious act of cruelty, it is not known why either Dunnam, 26, or Parrish, 23, decided to that to an innocent puppy.

"What their motivation was, we don't know at this point. It's still under investigation. It was just very callous to have it posted on Facebook. I guess they thought it was a joke or something to hang a poor little dog," stated Jackson.

On the Facebook photo, Dunnam captioned the picture with "My poor baby."

Outraged people who saw the puppy dangling in November reported the abuse to authorities.

Dunnam and Parrish turned themselves into authorities on Jan. 10. The puppy, named Timmy is being cared for at the Selma Animal Hospital. Aside from some minor injuries, Timmy is reported to be doing better.

The couple are currently free on bond and expected to appear in court in the near future.

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