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Alabama couple allegedly tried to impregnate teen

Amanda and Jeremy Swann allegedly raped teen repeatedly to get her pregnant
Amanda and Jeremy Swann allegedly raped teen repeatedly to get her pregnant
Image provided to media; ABC News

A couple in Alabama have been charged with first-degree rape after they reportedly forced a 17-year-old relative to have sex in hopes of conceiving a child. The Huffington Post reported on Monday that Jeremy and Amanda Swann -- both of Jones, Alabama -- were arrested last week after the teen revealed the abuse to police, causing their alleged plan to take the girl into their custody blew up in their faces.

Police say that the married couple planned on getting custody of the teen by accusing Amanda Swann's mother of molesting her. When police questioned the teen she admitted that Jeremy Swann had raped her repeatedly in hopes of getting her pregnant. She revealed that the couple wanted her to get pregnant so they could take the baby as their own. To make matters worse: Jeremy Swann's own mother Dianna has been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The charge is reportedly in connection to this case. It's not being revealed exactly what she did, but it's insinuated that she was somehow involved or knowledgeable of the crimes being committed.

This news report reveals that the 17-year-old girl is "mentally incapacitated," and that she was coerced by Amanda Swann into letting Jeremy have sex with her to conceive a child. The report also alleges that the girl screamed during the assaults, and was gagged with a ball to keep her from screaming loudly. Amanda reportedly watched and did not offer any help for the assaulted teen. The relationship between Amanda and the teen is unknown, she is a younger relative who lives with Amanda's mother.

This is a crime that was committed without any foresight, apparently. Jeremy and Amanda reportedly accused Amanda's own mother of assaulting the teen, but what were they going to say when she ended up pregnant with Jeremy's child? It's very fortunate that they were never successful in getting the unidentified victim pregnant, but she will still have many years of healing ahead of her to get over what's been done.