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Alabama Agriculture & Mechanical University - Training for Jobs

Ex-Slave Served as 1st President - 30 years
Ex-Slave Served as 1st President - 30 years
Photo by Taylor Weidman/Getty Images

In the early days the Alabama A & M University was started in 1875 as a junior college with only (2) teachers and (65) students. the slaves were free in 1862. The 1st president was William H. Council. The school was organized as a state normal school and later became a land grant college in 1891.

The school was originally founded on a 200 acre piece of land. In 1891 they had grown to more than 2000 acres. They went from a junior college to a four year college. They taught undergraduate studies and later graduate degrees. They acquired a new president in 1922 named Joseph F. Drake. It was remarkable that a black college was founded and its 1st president was an ex-slave. Even in the early days blacks knew that getting an education was the key to jobs and opening doors for a better life.

A & M had many name changes:

1985 Huntsville Normal School

1878 State Normal & Industrial School

1919 State Agriculture & Mechanical Institute for Negroes

1948 Alabama Agriculture & Mechanical College

1969 Alabama Agriculture & Mechanical University

The school is located on a hillside campus and they have a lot of red-brick building a lot of wooded areas. They have at least 30 major buildings, an outstanding Athletic Complex, Fine Arts Center, 20 institutional facilities, 11 dormitories, cafeteria, resource library.

The University currently has over 4500 students, located in a city of over 170,000 population. They offer an excellent academic program for Agriculture, Home Economics, Arts and Science, School of Business, School of Education and a School of Technology.

If you want more information on the University you can write to:

Alabama A & M University

Huntsville, AL 35762

It is an old outstanding institution of higher learning and founded by an Ex-Slave.

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