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Alabama accident victim's dog rescued with the help of Facebook friends

Molly has been found. There have been several spottings of Claire. A professional dog tracker has been hired to help.
Molly has been found. There have been several spottings of Claire. A professional dog tracker has been hired to help.
Help Find Molly and Claire FB

One of the two beloved dogs belonging to seriously injured Olivia Hatfield has been found, thanks to the help of thousands of people uniting and helping via social media; more specifically with the help of over 4,000 "likes" sharing a Facebook page titled Help Find Molly and Claire.

On June 29, Seth and Olivia Hatfield, along with their two dogs, Molly and Claire, had been returning from a family reunion in Alabama when an 18-wheeler veered into their lane forcing the couple to swerve and accidentally hit a tree. Seth escaped with only minor injuries, however Olivia was seriously injured and has been kept in a medically induced coma according to The Tennessean.

The couples' two dogs ran away and had been missing since the accident.

Dozens of people joined in the search for Claire, described as a black and white mixed breed; perhaps resembling a pit bull type, and Molly, a Weimaraner mix. Only Claire had been spotted, but Seth stated she was extremely scared and had been eluding all efforts to be captured. Molly had not been seen, and dog lovers were fearing the worst.

Then the powers of social media clicked in again on Tuesday, when a search team member from a local animal shelter found who they thought might be Molly. The dog had actually been cared for by one of her neighbors, who thought Molly belonged to a different neighbor.

The Facebook's page rang out with the announcement:


Supporters have not given up hope about finding Claire either. A professional dog tracker has been hired, and volunteers are joining together with donations and encouragement.

Come home soon Claire.

As for Olivia, her condition is still critical. The following update was posted on Wednesday:

"Olivia goes back into surgery tomorrow. Please continue to pray. Molly is doing well and the search team is still out. More sightings of Claire today. Pray for the Doctors that will be operating on Olivia tomorrow, pray for Claire's safe return, and continue to pray for the family."

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