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Al Sharpton unites with grieving parents of slain teens at a rally in Florida

Al Sharpton lead rally in Tallahassee, FL
Al Sharpton lead rally in Tallahassee, FL
Phil Sears / AP

Al Sharpton has determined that Florida is "ground zero" in his effort to end the "Stand Your Ground" laws on the books in twenty four states across the nation. He began the battle to fight against these laws by joining forces with the parents of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis today in a rally at the Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee.

Sharpton was also joined at the rally by the family of Marissa Alexander who was denied the right to use the controversial law and recently was granted a new trial where she stands a chance of facing 60 years instead of her mandatory 20 year sentence for firing a warning shot toward her estranged husband.

Tracy Martin the father of Trayvon Martin stated at the rally:

"It's just a blessing for everybody to come out and stand with us," Tracy Martin, Trayvon's father, told the Associated Press. "Everybody trying to stand in solidarity and show that these laws that don't apply to us, we're here to change them. They have to be changed."

Sharpton had hopes of meeting with lawmakers on the committee that has the oversight of the statues in the state but was unsuccessful in getting access to the lawmakers. Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist has announced his candidacy to regain the governorship of the state vowing that if elected he would repeal the "Stand Your Ground" law. Crist who was a longtime Republican became an Independent and is now a Democrat has hopes of upsetting current governor Rick Scott who supports the law as it is.

Al Sharpton stated at the rally:

"To have laws that tell people that they can shoot first and then ask questions later is a violation of our civil rights. I believe that law is inherently wrong," Sharpton said before the march began. "The law in effect says based on your imagination — if you imagine I'm a threat — you have the right to kill me.


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