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Al Qaeda in Yemen is trouble symptom

Seeing images and video of a large Al Qaeda meeting in Yemen on CNN is another wake-up call for American and Yemeni intelligence. Al Qaeda is flaunting both as they hold an outdoor gathering of nearly 100 persons. The drones and crop dusters missed them. Crop dusters have been equipped with missiles for use by the Yemeni military so that the missile strikes are coming from Yemen pilots and not US drones. That is intended to be more politically correct. The root reason why Al Qaeda is finding a healthy home here is from the economic situation and demographic circumstances. There are too many poor and uneducated youth who have no opportunity. Al Qaeda exploits this circumstance.

Yemen is located adjacent to Saudi Arabia where there are sufficient resources to lend a hand to its poor neighbor. In fact, terrorism in the Middle East is a consequence of failed governments and lagging culture that creates the environment for exploitation by extremists. The reason why extremists target the west is because western nations are there to exploit petroleum resources. Western governments are intrusive in employing military assets to secure the flow of oil that fuels much of the world’s economy. Inevitably, time is running out on petroleum.

As a consequence, Middle Eastern nations that have benefited from oil resources will lose their economic foundation altogether. Nations such as Iran see this coming and they are developing nuclear energy to keep their economy going. Unfortunately, nuclear energy creates such hazards as to threaten humanity just like oil consumption has, and worse. Nuclear energy can also be used to make weapons and terrorist devices. In the hands of theocratic and autocratic governments whose foundations are religious beliefs that are inhospitable to Western values, freedom, and equality, nuclear energy becomes a danger for which mitigation must come in the form of international supervision. Al Qaeda in Yemen is just a visible symptom of much deeper problems.

“Unsettling video shows large al Qaeda meeting in Yemen

By Barbara Starr, CNN Pentagon Correspondent”

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