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Al-Qaeda Confirmation of Osama bin Laden's Death Affects Many

From people in Jackson, MI, to those around the world, the recent confirmation that Al-Qaeda announced bin Laden as dead has profound implications. In addition, it lends itself to a mixture of feelings.

On one hand, many Americans initially rejoiced that bin Laden had died. After all, he had contributed to the planning of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Many Christians, Muslims, and other religious members, posted on Twitter and other sites that they would not rejoice in the death of one no matter how many he had killed. Peoples' internal conflict grew as faked photos and videos of bin Laden's death arose throughout the Internet. Finally, President Obama revealed his conviction that he would not release the photos, and he will be interviewed this Sunday on "60 Minutes" to discuss the concern in greater detail.

One strong opinion for why the photos should be released was to prove to Al-Qaeda members that bin Laden was, in fact, dead. Now, however, recently released news indicates that sites where Al-Qaeda members typically post messages alludes to his death. The messages try to incite retaliation among Pakistanis and warned Americans claiming their "happiness will turn to sadness" (Source: MSNBC).

Overall, Americans should remain vigilant in these days following Osama bin Laden's death. With heightened security alerts, they should remember to be aware of suspicious activity and report it to authorities immediately.

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