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Al Pacino said he felt something Shakespearian about 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

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According to Comic Book Movie on Wednesday, further feedback by "Godfather" and "Scarface" actor Al Pacino was acquired as a follow up to his Venice Film Festival statement about what he thought of "Guardians of the Galaxy" wherein he gave great accolades to the film. It seems that Pacino's kids had talked him into going see the James Gunn film and drawing lines where the borders of prejudice begins and ends. He also found it to be Shakespearian in nature and found recognizable qualities to "Guardians of the Galaxy."

When Pacino was questioned on whether or not he'd have an interest in playing in "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" or any kind of Marvel Studios themed movie, the actor came off rather vague, but spoke in such a fashion that equated to the kinds of films he already starred in. Though he was rather interested. This mention at the Venice Film Festival could garner attention from Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and perhaps put a bug in his ear.

"I would do anything that I could understand in terms of how I fit in it. And you know, of course if I could fit in it. Anything’s possible. You know, I did Dick Tracy and I got an Oscar nomination, so come on. I mean, what can I say?"

The film had already surpassed "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" as being the number one domestic box office hit in 2014, the Groot character became highly viral in marketing, cause and charitable campaigns. For instance, as a counteroffer to James Gunn's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, voice of Groot actor, Vin Diesel, challenged Gunn to plant a tree for Groot. There are also toys and recipes out already. Of course, cosplay costumed fans had made their way to the convention floor in themed "Guardians of the Galaxy" attire including a quite highly movie accurate Groot character by HurleyFX.