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Al Noga former NFL football player causes auto accident involving service dog in

Al Noga, bystanders and Honolulu Police Dept.
Al Noga, bystanders and Honolulu Police Dept.
Liz Rizzo photo

On June 6, 2013 Mr. Noga was headed Ewa bound exiting the H1 freeway and struck a vehicle stopped at the red light with 2 passengers and a service dog. Mr. Noga also known as Alapati Iosefo Noga was not in possession of automobile insurance or proper auto registration and was cited by the Honolulu Police Dept. The passenger and driver sustained minor injuries and the service dog was thrown behind the seats and traumatized by the event. Mr. Noga, to date, one year later has not made restitution to either of the parties for injuries or damage to the other parties vehicle and to make matters worse the case was dismissed in court and listed as

Al Noga and service dog
Rizzo photo

Case ID: 1DTC-13-034496 - State v. Alapati I Noga -NON JURY-
Type: TC - Traffic Crime

Status: CLOSEDS - Closed Case-Judgment Satisfied.

At the scene Mr. Noga claimed that he did not see the car he rear ended and apologized to the driver saying he hit her car pretty hard. Mr. Noga has a long public record of traffic violations and inquiring minds wonder if there have ever been any other accidents involving pets being injured. The cases can be viewed at ECourt Kokua,


Citation-Traffic Crime Arrest


Accident Unknown
13 205760


Hearing Held
MAY:KAJIURA:PASION: Defendant not present


Motion to Dismiss
without prejudice orally by State


Oral Order Motion Granted


Judgment and Notice


Judgment Complete

Do animals have rights in an automobile accident? Can they seek judgment for mental or physical injuries caused by a careless driver? Wesley Smith thinks there will be a time when animals can sue people and have advocates represent them.

“Animal standing also has a philosophical purpose. The ultimate goal of animal rights is not merely the improved treatment of animals; that effort is properly called animal welfare. Animal-rights dogma holds that there is no moral distinction to be made between animals and humans, and therefore what is done to an animal should be viewed as if it were done to a human.” Wesley Smith