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Al Gore touted as the man to beat Hillary Clinton

Former Vice President Al Gore
Photo by Michael Buckner

A Thursday story in the Daily Caller makes note of a rather bold prediction by Time Magazine’s Mark Halperin that the greatest threat to Hillary Clinton’s nomination for Democratic candidate for president in 2016 is not Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass or any other current office holder. He is former Vice President Al Gore. Of course there is no evidence, as Halperin freely admits, that he is thinking of a return to politics.

The National Review thinks that the case for Gore is beguiling. He is quite a bit to the left of Clinton on a variety of issues, which would be attractive to the Democratic base. He actually won the popular vote against George W. Bush in 2000. Many Democrats think to this day that Gore was robbed of the presidency by the Supreme Court.

Gore has some strikes against him for a potential run for the presidency. He would be relatively old in 2016, at 68, albeit slightly younger than Hillary Clinton. Having already run in 1988, as a moderate, and in 2000, he is a two time loser for the presidency. His signature issue, that of climate change as an immediate crisis demanding massive government attention, finds him on the opposite side of most Americas. Gallup recently found that climate change is near the bottom of concerns Americans have, with just 24 percent thinking that it is a big deal.

Gore recently waded into controversy in Australia when he urged that country’s prime minister, Tony Abbott, to “change or get out of the way” concerning climate change policy. He then labeled Abbott, who s skeptical of global warming, a “straight-out climate denier." Gore is touting a carbon emissions trading scheme much like the one that was rejected by the United States Congress during President Obama’s first term. Doubtless a revival of the idea would serve as the centerpiece of an Al Gore for President 2016 campaign.

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