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Al Gore lies


Gore admitted it was "a ballpark" figure.  (AP)

The great economist Joseph Schumpeter once said, "The first thing a man will do for his ideals is lie."

The Times of London reports that Al Gore thinks the latest research shows that the Arctic could be completely ice-free in five years.

In his speech, Mr Gore told the conference: "These figures are fresh. Some of the models suggest to Dr [Wieslav] Maslowski that there is a 75 per cent chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during the summer months, could be completely ice-free within five to seven years."

But, oops! The climatologist whose work Mr Gore was relying upon disputed this. "It's unclear to me how this figure was arrived at," Dr Maslowski said. "I would never try to estimate likelihood at anything as exact as this."

Gore has a lot of money tied up in the theory of global warming; sometimes this makes it hard to stick to the facts.  Exaggerating claims can easily be justified when one stands to benefit financially.


  • Charles Martin Cosgriff - Wayne County Conservativ 5 years ago

    Ideas like that remind me of what they taught us when I was in 9th Grade back in 1974: we were going to be out of oil by 1985! Last time I checked, it didn't happen.

    I also recall Rush Limbaugh pointing out in 1989 that, when the wacko environmentalists claimed we were losing rain forest at the rate of an acre an hour, that would have left us with no rain forests by 1991. Anything to promote a cause; yet it only demonstrates how outlandish people with causes get.

  • TheyHaveNoMorals 5 years ago

    Al Gore is a pathological lier. All the progressive /socialists hid behind lies and hidden agendas. Their mode of operation is they are superior to the masses. They must have power over them at any cost. A government of the people by the people and for the people, that is based in true individual liberty and freedom is the only way to be "fair". To let each individual become their personal best. But this requires personal responsibilities and commitments. There are those who will fail. Those who will need a hand up. This is how the human spirit grows and improves. Hand outs, and the dependency on government instead of on one's own abilities is cruel and keeps people oppressed. What Al Gore and other progressive socialists are trying to achieve is the opression of the human spirit and the selfish accumulation of wealth, power and control of others.

  • Inventor of the Internet 5 years ago

    I'll take that puny 25% chance on the arctic, against that idiot to bet my house against his.
    Not enough to his credit for the invention of the Internet, HE INVENTED GLOBAL WARMING TOO!
    For heaven's sake, this phony boloney dimwitt got a Nobel Prize.
    This schmuck is nothing but a Madoff style rip off artist!

  • Mrs. Teasdale 5 years ago

    Maybe your comment would have a chance to approach maybe the outskirts of the environs of a hint of credibility if you had included Gore's explanation. But hey, being credible isn't the point, right? The point is to take a cheap shot at Gore, that lying greedy charlatan. That overfed hoax-monster (hey, this is fun!). And in that regard, in your ignorant rectal-cranial bliss, you did so beautifully. Well done. Doesn't it feel so moanfully good to pleasure yourself with easy gentle strokes of such mindless bloviation. (If you are finding any of these words too big or sophisticated, do let me know. I'll find synonyms -- i.e., other words you might grasp more easily.)

  • Gore Vindicated 5 years ago

    Actually, Gore quoted Maslowski correctly. See this URL:

    Time for an apology, Skorup

  • Dr. Youaresolame 5 years ago

    The great economist Joseph Schumpter once said: "a hemorrhoid with a keyboard could make a more cogent argument than you people." Quoting Rush Limbaugh. Tossing around terms like "socialism." As the great economist Joseph Schumpter once said, "read a book and get some original ideas in your head."

  • Inventor of the Internet 5 years ago

    Your words are too sophisticated ? ..Laughing my butt off !!!! ...
    Being afraid to conduct a public debate, so He refers anyone with opposing views as "FLATEARTHERS"? that is a convoluted person? HA HA HA

  • Steamroller 5 years ago

    If Chicken Little would have had the means to create false research studies and the technology to falsely inform a greater naive public, he would not only have gotten funding for his falsehoods but would also have created enough paranoia to create a world economic disaster. All because he mistakenly thought the sky was falling.

  • Average Joe 5 years ago

    Wow! Maybe that’s the reason Al's got to fly all over the world in his private jet. Better ramp up the carbon emissions if you’re going to make that 5 to 7 year deadline Mr. Gore. It would take half the worlds rainforests worth of carbon credit vouchers to fill that hypocrites foot print. But, I guess if he can get a few hundred of you mindless drones to ride the bus and sleep in your parkas while he chucks Evian bottles out the window at 30,000 feet then he’s done his part and deserves the many accolades he has received.

  • Erik Szpyra 5 years ago

    Gore is irrelevent and always has been. His own state knew that and did not vote for him in the 2000 election. Gore has always been a pathological liar. Look up Gore and the Pigeon River and see how Gore has always been one to line his pockets at the expense of the enviroment.

  • Stu 5 years ago

    According to ice core samples, for the past 400,000 years, atmospheric CO2 levels have fluctuated between 200 parts per million (ppm) and 300 ppm. They are now at about 380 ppm. So, what's really got Al Gore and everyone else so up in arms is the recent increase in atmospheric CO2 of 80 ppm, right?

    Divide 80 by 1,000,000 and what do you get? You come out with 0.00008

    Now, move the decimal point two places to the right to convert the number to a percentage, and you have 0.008%, which is 8/1000ths of 1 percent.

    Repeat that number slowly to yourself: EIGHT ONE-THOUSANDTHS OF ONE PERCENT.

    So please stop and think for a second here .... How is it possible that a change in the composition of the Earth's atmosphere equal to such an infinitesimally small number can, in and of itself, raise planetary temperatures?

    Your common sense should readily tell you and anyone else that it can't. Climate change is a totally natural phenomenon. Our planet has warmed and cooled thousands of

  • Ken Grubb 5 years ago


    The arsenic standard for drinking water is .010 parts per million, or 10 parts per billion.

    That's 0.00000001

    Lethal things sometimes come in small doses.

  • SteveC 5 years ago

    Ken Grubb, nice to hear from you. I had a similar response I was forming which I'll share next.

  • SteveC 5 years ago

    Jarrett, it's nice to hear from you too. I see you attract the same sorts of people on your own as we attracted together on the truthing topic. Pity you don't walk away from those sorts when they're on your side. esch!

  • SteveC 5 years ago

    as for you, stu,

    as Ken pointed out, small things have big impacts, and you yourself pointed out the very same in your own way. if co2 currently holds such a small role in our atmosphere of 0.008%, (which it does), let's see, how can it really have any impact at all?

    What a joke. Where did you last go to school, elementary? 3rd grade? I thought so.

    That same miniscule level of co2 is critical for all plant life, and indeed the balance of co2 if continued to be disrupted could end life as we know it. yeah, yeah, I've heard the arguments that if a little co2 is good for plants, a lot will be better.

    We all know where that argument ends, particularly on that minute a scale. (more to follow)

  • SteveC 5 years ago

    So, stu, if such a small miniscule amount of co2 can be so critical to life as we know it, could a mere 25% to 50% to 100% disruption in either direction have a horrible impact?

    hard to know for sure since we really don't have enough facts, I'll grant you that. But we can study other more well known topics, and we can draw huge reasons for concern, looking at the body of evidence.

    Let's look at common nutrients for the human body. Let's pick one ... a, b, c, D.

    vitamin D is a hugely important nutrient, in the right quantity. too small, not good. too great, not good either, and deadly at both extremes. For the average person, 400 IU's are recommended. It turns out that 400 IU's are equivalent to 10 mg's (micrograms).

    Let's do the conversion of 10 micrograms to a percent of the average human body weight, shall we?

    As a guess, for the average adult male, 165 lbs in weight? Close enough for this argument (and it only gets worse for your argument if you go higher).

  • SteveC 5 years ago

    165 lbs * (1kg/2.2lbs) = 75kg

    75kg = 75,000g

    75000g = 75,000,000,000 micrograms

    10 micrograms / 75,000,000,000 micrograms = 1.333 e**(-10)

    which is a huge sh**load smaller than the percent of co2 in the atmosphere we're talking. even if you increase the vit D level to the lethal level, we're still talking orders of magnitude smaller than the percent of co2 in the atmosphere.

    but sure, go ahead, let it double if you like. let it triple. woo hoo, what does it matter? you won't have to deal with it if you're middle-aged.

    (or will you?)

  • SteveC 5 years ago

    that's the freakin problem when talking heads like Jarrett wind talking a**es like Stu into this dance, thinking they're spouting facts, when instead they're spouting BS and crap out every orifice.

    Jarrett, I liked it better when we twiddled the idiots. I don't like twiddling you. You're smarter than this, I'm sure.

  • SteveC 5 years ago

    By the way, for anyone who cares, there's a typo in that math. It should have been:

    10 micrograms / 75,000,000,000 micrograms = 1.333e(-10)

    = 1.33**(-10)
    = 1.33**(1/10)
    = .0000000000133

  • Average Joe 5 years ago

    How come no one can discuss the science (or lack thereof) of global warming. When did it become fact and cease to be open for discussion. That’s the problem. Believer’s stop flying you jets all over the place and complaining about everyone else. Disbeliever’s trying to do a little for old Mother Nature wouldn’t kill you. And is it necessary to continually change the subject. VITAMEN D and ARSENIC are you kidding me maybe I should write a diatribe comparing it to algae in diesel fuel, dirty diapers, or the Olsen twins. You’ve all lost your minds. There is no truth left in this world. Just poorly formed opinions based on random web searches and you all should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Donald Bilinski 3 years ago

    This is a funny cartoon about GlobalWwarming and Al Gore.

    Al Gore in Global Horsesh#t. part 1

    Al Gore in Global Horsesh#t. part 2