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AL Franken makes surprise appeance in Minneapolis

Senator Al Franken
Senator Al Franken
MCT. Photo of Al Franken by Brendan Hoffman / Getty Images

 Finally, a response to the asinine tea party movement!  In an effort to keep health care reform front and center in the debate,Al Franken will be appearing in Minneapolis to promote health care reform. Without health care reform, jobs creation can not be stabilized, and the economy will never recover. Al Franken is known for his passionate stance on relieving the health care burden for the average Minnesotan, and has vowed to take action(Listen to Al telling Senator Lieberman to shut up).  All supporters of health care reform are encouraged to participate, and let their voice be heard.


Minneapolis United Labor Center

312 Central Ave NE Room 217-218 Minneapolis, MN


Sunday, February 21st 2010



  • Atlanta Roller Derby Examiner, Tina Ranieri 5 years ago

    Hello, awesome article, Im a fan myself!
    thank you

  • Cathy Bowers, Charlottesville Events Examiner 5 years ago

    Go Al!

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