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Al Capone's Miami Beach mansion on sale for $8.5 million

Al Capone's Miami Beach mansion
Al Capone's Miami Beach mansion
New York Daily News

Al Capone’s mansion in Miami Beach, Florida is for sale. It is said to have notoriety since it is the place where Capone lived after he was let out of Alcatraz. Additionally, it is where he allegedly plotted the 1929 St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, according to a Chicago Tribune report on Saturday.

Capone, the legendary Chicago gangster, reportedly died at the Miami Beach mansion which sits on the waterfront. The mansion’s compound is 10,000 square feet of property that is located on Palm Island – between Biscayne Bay between South Beach’s popular hotel district and Miami’s downtown skyscrapers.

The property was built in 1922 by Clarence Busch who was a member of the Anheuser-Busch’s alcohol-business family. Capone bought the mansion in 1928 for some $40,000 after he was sent packing from Chicago and then Los Angeles. Though he wasn't welcomed warmly by authorities, he is said to have had a way of charming the locals - and he was generous with local politicians which kept them content with his presence in the community. The Chicago gangster made his money from importing and selling liquor when it was illegal.

Capone passed away in 1947 and the property remained in his family until the 1970s – yet the property is still popular due to its historic value.