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Akureyri, Iceland

Yes indeed, it’s a long way to Akureyri, especially if you come from California. Its street are not filled with gold, but rather with Icelandic children on their summer vacation work-assignments. It seems there’s been a long standing tradition in Iceland to have their children spend summers cleaning and grooming the parks of remote cities. They don’t at all seem unhappy about this, at least the ones we met, in fact they seemed to be really enjoying themselves.

Akureyri, Iceland
David Millett

We sure lucked out with the weather so far in Iceland. The sun shone bright and strong all day and enabled Julia and me to walk all around this typical remote Icelandic community; clean, on a fjord, surrounded by tall and rugged cliffs, and over flowing with happy and trusting people, extremely trusting from my perspective. We saw many a bicycle left outside a house with no bike lock on it. And I even saw a woman get out of her car, leave it running with her five year old son in it, while she went into the bakery to get coffee and donuts; amazing! It really is a long way to Akureyri, and certainly a long way from my home.

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