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Akshat Singh’s second performance on ‘The Ellen Show’ seen exclusively online

Akshat Singh is only 8-years-old and lives in India however he is a famous young man. The star was on “The Ellen Show” on Monday, and gave everyone a chance to check out his act on the reality show. The performer actually danced twice. The second dance was even better than the one seen during the show He came on stage driving a little vehicle and was wearing a uniform looking very calm and determined. What happened next on Monday, had the fans shocked, surprised and delighted.

According to “The Ellen Show” on Monday, the India’s Got Talent contestant actually gave two performances. One that was seen on television and another that was viewer exclusively by the fans who watch the show online.

What Akshat Singh showed America is that he can seriously dance. On Monday, the dance moves he shared had people smiling. Dancing, twirling and giving some amazing steps people were in awe the minute he stepped on stage.

“Yes, I dance every day,” said Akshat Singh after his performance on “The Ellen Show.”
Akshat Singh has been featured on “India’s Got Talent” and has a YouTube account showing his performances. People around the world for his splits, vaults and back flips. His performances have been seen millions of times online and the fans can’t seem to get enough of his good-natured dancing.

Take a look at the video clip of Akshat Singh dancing for “The Ellen Show.” This is his second, exclusive performance for the show and he looks like he covered every move that he is known for!

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