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Akshat Singh dances for ‘The Ellen Show’; 8 year old has amazing moves (video)

Akshat Singh came on stage driving a little vehicle and looking like a typical 8-year-old child. What The Ellen Show fans didn't know was that the kid had a special talent and they were going to get a show. Coming all the way from India, the child was a contestant on India’s Got Talent and he can seriously dance. During The Ellen Show on Monday the kid displayed some of his signature moves known by fans around the world. Fans immediately recognized how hard the young contestant must have worked to get some of his dancing perfectly.

“Yes, I dance every day,” said Akshat Singh after his performance on The Ellen Show. Talking to Ellen DeGeneres he looked very excited to be part of the show, but his understanding of English was limited. What wasn't limited was the joy he felt dancing for the live audience.

Akshat Singh has been featured around the world for his splits, vaults and back flips. His YouTube performances have millions of views and the fans can’t seem to get enough of his fun dancing.

Take a look at the video clip of Akshat Singh dancing for The Ellen Show. It’s great to see some international talent hit the stage of the talk show. Not only does it give the young star a chance to be seen in America, it opens up the viewer’s eyes on what is going on in the entertainment world outside of America!

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