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Akron to host return of Jackyl !

show flyer
show flyer
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Akron, OH- The fun loving, bike riding , crazy nights star of Full Throttle Saloon , Jessie James Dupree makes his return to Akron , Ohio next month. The band Jackyl is set to play Akron’s ‘The Rock Factory “ and their founder and one of a kind vocalist is there to please your ears . Akron is gaining momentum as the go to place for bands to play venues and it is making waves in the music industry . I have had the opportunity to see Jackyl perform before in direct support of Damn Yankee’s in 1991 but that was at the old Richfield Coliseum and they were the size of ants on stage , I had always hoped to see them perform again and since this opportunity arose I am going to this show . The more intimate venue of “ The Rock Factory “ is the perfect setting to see this band . Jackyl started in 1991 and have played to audiences across the globe and hold two Guinness Book of World Records for performing .The band will bring their signature guitar sound and of course the legendary chain saw .Jackyl includes members Jeff Worley on guitars, Roman Glick on bass guitar , Chris Worley on drums and of course the founder of Jackyl ,Jessie James Dupree on vocals , guitar and chainsaws . I was at a fund raising event back in 2012 and I had a chance to spend the whole day with Jessie James Dupree and I found him to funny and just a great guy but I did tell him about my first time seeing him and he got a good chuckle .The show is August 17 which is plenty of time to mark your calendars and get out your torn jeans . Jackyl is a show not to be missed . To keep up with Jackyl please see the official website at