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Akroan Mastiff from 'Journey Into Nyx'

Akroan Mastiff
Wizards of the Coast

Some "Magic: The Gathering" cards look horrible at first glance due to large casting costs, however they may have an ability which makes that price worth it. Akroan Mastiff from Wizards of the Coast's expert "Magic: The Gathering" expansion set "Journey Into Nyx" won't be featured in any pro tour winning standard deck, however it can have a huge impact on your limited and casual games.

Akroan Mastiff - 3W
Creature - Hound (Common)
W, Tap: Tap target creature.
Even when many of the soldiers who guarded Akros were called away, its safety was never in doubt.

Sure, Akroan Mastiff doesn't come down till mid game, however you'll be able to keep your opponent's largest threat at bay from attacking you. Just because Akroan Mastiff can be used defensively doesn't mean it can't win you the game. The best way to use Akroan Mastiff is on your rival's turn. That way on your turn you'll be able to tap their second largest creature and hopefully break through their defenses when the time is right.

Depending on your sealed pool it may even be possible to untap and use Akroan Mastiff more than once, say with Prophet of Kruphix, Ral Zarek, or Triton Tactics. Upening up your options up to standard yields Kiora's Follower, Hidden Strings, and many others.

Akroan Mastiff may not be the most impressive "Journey Into Nyx" card we've seen, however you shouldn't underestimate it: It could be the cause of your death at the prerelease.

How will you use Akroan Mastiff?

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