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AKC Eukanuba 1st Annual Blogger Stakes

VIP Bloggers compete in the 1st Annual AKC Eukanuba Bloger Stakes
VIP Bloggers compete in the 1st Annual AKC Eukanuba Bloger StakesEukanuba

The 1st Annual AKC Eukanuba National Championship Blogger Stakes was held in Orlando, Florida in December 2011. The only catch was that none of the bloggers had dogs at the show.

AKC Eukanuba 1st Annual Blogger Stakes
AKC Eukanuba 1st Annual Blogger StakesEukanuba

After some wheeling and dealing, this Examiner was able to convince owners of some of the top dogs in the country to loan their dogs to the bloggers for this prestigious event.

From Minnesota, “Go Spot Go” owned by Wendy McCance (McKilt) and Jessica MacMillan (of the Paisley dynasty) a lovely liver and white Dalmatian. This dog is lovely, young and as it turns out quite speedy. This Examiner was honored to show such a lovely specimen.

Also hailing from Minnesota, Star owned by Jill Hoffbeck (Shooting Star) that was showing off her girlish figure after having a recent litter of puppies. Star was paired with Charles Arcella from Petside and helped him look like a seasoned professional!

Hailing from the host state was “Surfer Girl” from Linda Hess and Tampa Bay Labradors. Surf is another top dog in the country and her kennelmate, Salty Dog is a Westminster winner and is currently in England earning both conformation and hunting titles. Dr. V. was so lucky to be paired up with such a nice dog! Surf worked at keeping an even pace so Dr. V could run around the ring in high-heels!

As the crew was moving into the beautiful set for the stakes, a newly minted Grand Champion was recruited to participate in the prestigious event. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever GRCH Spinnakers Kodiak Fisher JH came along so Wendy from Petside could have her first experience handling a show dog. Fisher and his owner were great sports and without their help the event wouldn’t have been the same.

Most of the dogs “entered” so far have been fairly recognizable, but the next blogger, Pam from Pet Blogs United, selected a Cesky terrier. This breed was recognized by the AKC in 2011 and is a well-muscled, short legged hunting terrier that was developed to be worked in packs. The breed originated in the Czech Republic and is considered one of the country’s national breeds. Bloggers and fans wondered if this newcomer would be the first Blogger Stakes winner.

Billy Wheeler of the Dog Show Poop also sported a terrier. He brought a Bedlington terrier as his competition dog. Wheeler’s blog covers all kinds of show news and this is his retirement hobby that like many retirement hobbies is becoming a career.

The next dog was discovered in a Meet the Breeds booth -- more specifically in the Havanese kissing booth. Diane from To Dog with Love has a Havanese at home that goes by the name Cosmo and she found another Havanese named Cosmo at the dog show – it was kismet! The pair bonded and headed to the show arena.

All the bloggers got a chance to try out the big show ring under the blazing hot lights and with all the cameras and announcers. After a grueling competition, Diane and Cosmo (Kissing booth Cosmo) were triumphant in the first annual VIP Blogger Stakes at the 2011 AKC Eukanuba Dog Show. Congratulations Diane and better luck next year to all the rest!