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AJ Quartermaine we hardly knew you

Sean Kanan

This week on General Hospital a travesty will tale place. AJ Quartermaine will be killed off. Sean Kanan, who plays AJ has been let go and the writers are to blame for letting another beloved character go.

Ron Carlivati has become just like the rest of the hacks. He takes the easy way out and in that very ordinary way he kills the drunk! The character of AJ was never written properly. They made him a victim who Sonny hung on a meat hook and made him sign his flesh and blood away. Sonny and Carly stole Michael and it was left for AJ to get drunk. The old standby when a writer cannot come up with a storyline for a much maligned character. AJ was never allowed to tell his side of the story. Why he drowned himself in liquor. The never let him redeem himself or have him stay clean. No the easy way was to keep him a slobbering drunk. And so we lose another Quartermaine while others get away with murder.

Carly may turn Sonny in to get justice for AJ. I will not hold my breath.

Meanwhile Nicholas is sniffing after Elizabeth. Will she let him in? Will one of them be killed by crazy Dr. Ulbrecht? Will Ben get shot by his gross mutter?

Frankly I don't give a damn! Watching AJ die is all I can handle.

Mr. Carlivati shame on you. You used to write for all of the characters on OLTL with honesty and great perspective. Now you are just one of the GH hacks. A sad day indeed. You have enraged the fans with this senseless murder and you will feel their wrath, mine too!

General Hospital can be seen weekdays on ABC at 2 p.m.

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