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AJ Lee aligns herself with Paige on WWE Monday Night Raw

According to a July 8 report from the WWE, WWE Divas champ, AJ Lee, teamed up with former NXT star, Paige, for a tag-team match against Naomi and Cameron of The Funkadactyls. Lee's alignment with Paige got over in a big way with WWE Universe, as they were treated to a standing ovation from the crowd on hand for WWE Monday Night Raw in Montreal. The Lee - Paige tag-team isn't expected to be permanent.

AJ Lee teamed up with Paige on WWE Monday Night Raw
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Both Lee and Paige are expected to move forward as singles stars, but their one-night-only gig as a tag-team was so successful that the WWE might consider teaming them together now and then at future house shows. It was widely expected that Lee and Paige would feud with each other in the lead-up to the upcoming WWE Battleground pay-per-view, perhaps leading to a title bout between them at SummerSlam.

However, it appears the WWE flipped the script in order to throw fans a curveball. Apparently they want to fully get Paige over as a babyface by teaming her with Lee. Paige had been receiving a mixed reaction from fans in recent weeks, so the WWE wanted to team her with Lee to ensure she would be cheered. The tactic seemed to work, as both ladies were given huge rounds of applause on WWE Monday Night Raw. The Funkadactyls were so frustrated by Lee and Paige's dominance that they broke up following the match.

Lee was recently on a two-month hiatus, and Paige was the WWE Divas champ in her absence. It was a bit of a rollercoaster ride during Paige's title reign, as it was rumored that WWE higher-ups weren't convinced the 21-year-old British superstar was ready for the big show. When Lee returned to action and immediately snatched her belt back, the expectation was that Paige was be demoted back down to NXT in order to give her some time to develop her skills on the mic.

Now that Paige and Lee spent some time as a tag-team, it seems like the Brit is back in the good graces of the WWE brass. What's next for Lee and Paige? In all likelihood, they will move forward as singles stars, with sporadic appearances as a tag-team. Lee's return absolutely helped Paige earn more attention, and it also helped shine a light on the rest of the WWE divas division.

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