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AISD Will Be Adjusting Testing Methods to Better Prepare the Students for Success

The Future Lies In Their Hands

The AISD has come to a conclusion that more studying and follow-up (also known as “renewing the mind”) equals more success. In accordance to this revelation (and most likely, President Obama‘s desire), the AISD will soon be assigning the students four skill tests a year, to track each students’ knowledge of the lessons that have been taught prior. This will further enable the teachers to follow up on each students’ progress to date and find areas of opportunity in their teaching method. Then they can make adjustments to better improve the understanding of the class as a whole and make learning fun for every student.

AISD story from the reporter news -

Renewing the mind is the source of living

  • Renewing the mind until understanding takes place is mandatory in all walks of life.  It is a biblical principle written in Romans 12:2 - “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” We can not do something we do not think about and if we want to achieve something, it will require thoughts of that something to be apart of our memory.  Understanding requires a retaining of clear thoughts on the subject.


  • Renewing the mind brings understanding which results in joy. Getting an A on a report card after studying hard, will make anyone happy. A quarterback that learns the plays on offense can utilize more options to gain success. When a baby says a specific word, her mother taught her by repetitiously speaking it, the mother will feel great joy and be encouraged to continue teaching. As a result, the baby advances in teachings and encouragement.  Will a student feel more competent if the study material and delivery from the teacher is taught to compliment their learning strengths?  Feelings of competence brings feelings of an "I can" attitude.


  • It is vital that all students feel the effects of success in areas of studies and continue to want to renew their mind. Good successes brings encouragement, hope, positivism, and desire in life as a whole. Lack of success, results in despair, lack of hope, fear, pain, feeling inferior and negativism. One is headed somewhere and the other is headed nowhere.


  • Confusion walks in circles and renewing clarity walks along a straight path. The opposite of understanding is confusion or lack of understanding. The Bible says, "The double minded man is unstable in all his ways." It’s time our students start to walk in straight paths and be encouraged to continue the habits that build a foundation for success so the school as a whole, is more willing to participate because of renewed confidence.  Renewing is strengthening.

Just as we can't follow God without renewing oiur mind the students can follow their dreams unless they do too.


The AISD test changes will have more of an effect than most think. Thank God for this change.



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