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AirTran - New Budget Airline in Lexington

Lexington Kentucky Budget Flights
Lexington Kentucky Budget Flights
Greg Rodgers

AirTran, one of a growing handful of low-cost airlines in the US, just set up some new routes flying out of Lexington Bluegrass Airport in Kentucky.

This is good news for Lexington budget travelers looking to get somewhere cheap.  AirTran has just announced two new non-stop routes to both Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

According to their press release, both routes begin flying on February 11th - and with all the snow, the timing couldn't be better to go someplace warm for cheap.

Better yet, AirTran has a history of keeping pressure on other airlines where they are based to lower fares in order to compete. Delta, Lexington's principle carrier, will feel the heat and hopefully reduce fare prices which have been on the upward creep lately.

Orlando is a major international hub.  Back in October last year I was able to fly round trip between Orlando and Bogota, Colombia for $200 (including taxes).  Now it is cheaper than ever for Lexington residents to get to Orlando non-stop - which opens up a lot of possibilities for getting to Central or South America!

AirTran lists the new fares around $100 one-way, but both were on special for $59 to celebrate the opening.  A quick check just now on gives a price of $70 from Lexington to Orlando (including all taxes) - not bad!

I will be writing more about how to find cheap flights from Lexington later, but for now, keep this new budget airline option in mind when planning your next trip!

AirTran's official website is:


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