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Airtight COO on benefits of a small city like Salem for 'Murdered: Soul Suspect'

Airtight COO on benefits of a small city like Salem for Murdered: Soul Suspect
Airtight COO on benefits of a small city like Salem for Murdered: Soul Suspect
Airtight Games

In Murdered: Soul Suspect, players take on the role of Ronan O’Connor as he attempts to find out who killed him. The design and layout of the game doesn’t lend itself to the huge roaming open worlds we see in video games such as Grand Theft Auto 5. In Murdered: Soul Suspect gamers are to trek around the always spooky environment of Salem, Massachusetts as a ghost, hell-bent on solving the whodunit.

Airtight Games, the makers of Murdered: Soul Suspect recently talked exclusively with Examiner and today we bring that conversation to you. Airtight’s Chief Creative Officer Matt Brunner talked specifically about the challenges and benefits a smaller setting for a game like Murdered: Soul Suspect.

“There are many reasons we chose a smaller, more intimate world for the setting of Murdered. We discovered early on that a larger city worked against the "feeling" of ghostliness.” Brunner said.

There was clearly a desire to have a spooky feel with this game, that’s why they decided to set it in Salem. As the company was working on Murdered: Soul Suspect, Brunner says the team realized they had made the right choice because the idea of a soul that had been murdered wandering around Salem just fit. “As soon as our character entered a smaller, older part of the city it felt right.” Brunner added.

The team’s chief executive also said as development went on, they found ways to integrate the lore of the town into the story explaining that it “offered the added bonus of being able to ramp up many of the visual effects that give Murdered it's distinctive iconic look and feel: transparent character, ghostly fog, ghostly inhabitants hiding in all the cracks and recesses.”

Because the setting of Murdered: Soul Suspect is on smaller scale, Brunner also said the development team was able to put together “more detailed environments.” That ability to get a more realistic look and feel of the town, one that might actually allow residents of Salem to recognize different spots they’ve visited personally is the ultimate benefit of the smaller setting.

The greater graphics that are expected for the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 will certainly add to the look and feel of Murdered: Soul Suspect as well and will add to the spookiness. That isn’t to say that Airtight or Square Enix are claiming the game won’t be plenty spooky on current gen consoles like the 360 or PS3.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is due out in the US on June 3.

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