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Airtab is a new twist on mobile gift giving

Gift giving right on your phone with the Airtab app
Gift giving right on your phone with the Airtab app
Photo Courtesy of Airtab

Can I buy you a drink?

That is so 1970s.

Using an app to buy someone a drink?

This is now possible.

Dennis Cunningham may be best known as the CEO and chairman of great tasting Perfect Vodka, but he has something else up his sleeve.

It's Airtab.

Airtab is a pretty slick mobile gifting app that now has cornered the market on mobile drink gifting and where it goes from here is anyone's guess.

First of all, there is a charitable element to the app. Users can not only gift a drink, but also donate to charity at the same time. Airtab is now available in the iOS app store and the Google Play store.

Here's an overview of what Airtab says can be accomplished with the app:

It’s your best friend’s birthday but your home with the flu, no problem! Airtab allows you to send your friend his/her favorite cocktail. Are you in the midst of a long distance relationship but can’t make it home for your anniversary, no problem! With Airtab, you can send a bottle of top-shelf champagne or other vintage and let that special someone know their deserving of only the most premium of labels. Gift a drink to your co-worker who has joined you at happy hour or just as easily, gift a drink to someone across town or out of town.

Right now Airtab is active in just South Florida, but I can see this expanding quickly.

Airtab's current establishments include JJ Muggs Stadium Grill, The Black Rose and Dania Beach Grill in Palm Beach County, Florida. Also on the list are 94th Aero Squadron and 5 Napkin Grill in Dade.

Users can choose from 2 tiers of drinks, Premium and Standard. Look for updates that will include the ability to purchase tickets for concerts and sporting events that would be purchased right through the app and delivered to the recipient’s smartphone immediately.

“No one leaves home without their phones in today’s environment, so using Airtab couldn’t be easier or more convenient,” says Cunningham. “I’m also excited that Perfect Vodka is partnering with Airtab because it will allow so many more consumers to experience its distinctive taste.”

If you are an early adopter, download the Airtab app and see what it might be able to do for you. It's also a look if you want to get a glimpse of the future.

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