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Airpush takes top honors for 'Most Innovative Advertising Data Solution'

Airpush takes top honors for 'Most Innovative Advertising Data Solution'
Airpush takes top honors for 'Most Innovative Advertising Data Solution'

Against a competitive army of advertising data initiatives emerging across the digital advertising landscape today, the industry's most innovative advertising data solution provider was recognized Wednesday as the DataWeek + API World 2014 award winners were announced.

Airpush, a leading mobile advertising platform, claimed top honors this year by popular vote.

According to details provided to Examiner, thousands of DevNetwork community members assessed the top advertising data and API technologies of 2014. And Airpush pushed aside its competitors to take the 2014 prize.

“DataWeek’s recognition is a huge validation of the strategy that has been years in the making,” Asher Delug, founder and CEO of Airpush, says in a written statement.

“We started Airpush as a performance-first mobile ad network, and one of the most important factors in performance is great data and the ability to use it to drive results," Delug adds. "As we evolve our offering, more and more mobile advertisers have already discovered how our data strategy can generate industry-leading ROI for their campaigns and this award is a great affirmation from the industry as a whole.”

Earlier this year, Airpush was ranked number 2 on Forbes Magazine’s 2014 List of America’s Most Promising Companies. The recognition followed Airpush being named a silver winner in Best in Biz Awards last fall in two categories – Fastest Growing Company of the Year and Most Innovative Company of the Year.

The "innovation" tag is one that closely follows Airpush wherever it roams. Frequently lauded for actually innovating at a time in mobile advertising when most ad networks and solutions providers primarily mimic the moves of others, Airpush representatives tell Examiner that their company is keenly aware of the fast-evolving nature of their industry and they're committed to remaining a perpetually effective force on the van guard of mobile advertising.

As of the latest data available, Airpush’s network now encompasses more than 140,000 apps that cover close to 33% of worldwide active Android users.