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Airport security and flying commando

Aerial view of the mountains of Lebanon
Aerial view of the mountains of Lebanon
Faten Dabis

Due to the failed attempt of one criminal to torch his underwear and blow up an airplane, approximately 675 million people from fourteen countries will now be presumed terror suspects. Consequently, they will be subject to increased security measures at airports around the world. Such measures will include full body scans, pat downs and property searches. Those most affected will be Arabs and Muslims.

The countries on the terror list are: Iran, Sudan, Syria, Cuba, Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Algeria, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia and Saudi Arabia. None of these countries has ever attacked America. The reverse isn’t true. Nevertheless, the knee jerk reaction to 9/11 and this most recent terror attempt has been the racial profiling and demonizing of Muslims, Arabs and anyone who looks the part.

For example, in 2006, a young Arab male who wore a t-shirt with Arabic writing on it was hassled and forced to change before flying. He was even told that wearing such a shirt was like walking into a bank with a sign that says “I’m a robber.” In other incidents, people of Middle Eastern descent were removed from planes because other passengers deemed them suspicious/brown. In one instance, two brothers, their wives and children were removed from a flight. The FBI interrogated them and cleared them of any wrongdoing but the airline still denied them their flight. Perhaps the most irrational response was the barbaric bombing of Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with 9/11.

As it stands, everyone is required to take off their shoes when going through airport security compliments of the infamous shoe bomber. In addition, there is the magical bomb diffusing Ziploc Baggie regulation. This last offender had explosives in his underwear so maybe flying commando is next. Instead of more regulations and racial profiling, however, perhaps it’s time to reconsider U.S. foreign policy and actions in other countries and put an end to all terrorism, including that which is state sanctioned.


  • Miguel 5 years ago

    Throughout our history the United States government has reacted to events in ways that are categorized as racist or prejudice yet they have not learned from their own mistakes. Often it is these mistakes that sow the seeds of future conflict. As a multi-ethnic nation we must understand the implications of a knee jerk reaction before adhering to methods deemed to many as racial profiling. Kudos Ms. Dabis!

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