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Airport concessions liven up airport Green Build grounds

SDIA (rendering)
SDIA (rendering)
Airport crowds will rent cars at the green Rental Car Center being built on the San DIego Intgernational Airport's northside.

Small business work at the airport's new green terminal is becoming day to day along the full concourse walks. All new concessions will have their places at San Diego's business center by the end of April.

The new terminal businesses follow int he footsteps of the food and beverage, and retail outlet shops, that started settling in during December in 2012, and filed into their places over the 2013 months. One of the airport improvement deals, the new terminal shopping and dining lines are designed to make giving customers the service they want easier. A greater variety in food, beverage, and retail offers to choose will becoe familiar to travelers.

Travlers find the widest variety of new services near the gates in the west expansion area in Terminal 2. The terminal, last week, won LEED Platinum. The world's first commercial airport terminal to win the U.S. Green Building COuncil's top modern building honor. More room to do air travel work on the runway and taxiway was counted in the green improvements with the terminal expansion. After workers finish installing the terminal solar panels, the panels will supply 12.5 percent of the terminal's annual energy.

In the Sunset Cove concessions area seats are naturally lit by light that comes through floor to ceiling windows, airport travelers will find Brookstone and a PGA Tour Shop not far from CNBC News San Diego and the Gaslamp Market Place, and Pannikin Coffee & Tea. Bay Books still has to open in Terminal 1.

Concessions, at an early March airport news event in Orlando, Florida, won the Best Overall Concessions award for a medium-sized airport. Variety made a modern impression.

No upcoming building work will fall below the LEED Silver standard. The standard the airport authority;s president says is the minimum standard for new construction at San DIego International Airport. With the lead Green Build plan meeting standards goals, the authority plans to move ahead to finishing the plan for a new green Terminal 1. Staff are scheduled to begin two years work on an airport plan the State of California requires in January, 2017.

Northside, the Green Build construction work stays busy. Next to the Economy long term parking lot opened in late March travelers that drive can park in one of near two thousand spaces, builders construct the Rental Car Center set to open with a new restaurant on the roof in January in 2016. The building paid for by customer rental charges and fees will house all the airport's rental car enterprises, both major national companies and local small dealers. A central rental location ends the need to take shuttles to dealer locations across the airport.

Hangars and fueling for general aviation users will open in September.

The first project on the northside area, the retail and distribution center, was done during 2012, in November. Delivery trucks run out of the center deliver goods to the new concessions businesses at the terminals.

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