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Airline Travel Outlook for 2014

New rules, new technology and new airport options are on the way for airline travelers in 2014. Scott McCartney, ‘Middle Seat’ columnist, breaks down some of the biggest changes in an interview for ‘WSJ Live.’

If you flew during the holidays, you may have already experienced the slow roll-out of the PreCheck program. Basically, it takes you back to the days when you could leave your shoes on, and leave your liquids in your carry-on. According to McCartney, the TSA will be aggressively expanding the program in 2014. For $85, you can get yourself finger-printed and have a background check completed, and, once you are accepted, you can become part of the PreCheck program. This is probably a fantastic deal for people who travel frequently for business. For me, it’s not that hard to remember to wear slip-on shoes, or take out my laptop because I travel pretty lightly when I do fly, and I don’t do it more than a couple of times a year. Still, if this is music to your ears, head over to the PreCheck page to see when the program is coming to your area.

McCartney also brings good tidings for people who fly to, or from, airports in Dallas, NYC and Washington, D.C. Airlines like Southwest and Virgin America will be allowed to start operating new, direct flights out of airports like Dallas Love Field and LaGuardia, among others. Increased options will mean better scheduling for fliers, and the increased competition could result in downward pressure on fares.

Be sure to watch McCartney’s full interview to the full details not only on the above, but on exciting new technology applications for flight attendants that should make travel easier for everyone!

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