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Airline passengers report 'metallic disc' over Nevada


  • Skeptical 5 years ago

    If they were an hour into the flight, then the plane would be at it's cruising altitude of at least 30,000 feet. The witness said they were at 14,400 feet which is way too low for a commercial jet to be cruising. I detect a strong fishy odor coming from this story.

  • Jericho 5 years ago

    The witness never said what altitude they were at.... the stewardess said it..!

  • Bigfoot73 5 years ago

    The captain was doing WHAT?

  • Mindgamez 5 years ago

    Hhaa i know. Reading a magazine my ass. I bet he saw it too. And flight attendant could of been wrong. It was probably military though.

  • anonymous-silly 5 years ago

    they think he was editing the registry on his personal laptop

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